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Our Team


  1. Ir. Daru Asycarya, MM | President Director |  |  +62 813 1113 2706  |  Expert on SFM and CoC certification, HCV, institutional and personnel capacity building, quality and environmental management system, barcoding for forest products, and carbon certification.
  2. Wahyu Fathurrahman Riva, S.Hut, MP | Program Director  |  |  +62 812 9956 720  |  Expert on SFM and CoC certification, HCV, organic agriculture, coffee certification, social impact assessment, carbon certification, regional development, and community development.


  1. Diah Nurmalasari, S.Hut | Secretary | |
  2. Isna Amelia | Administration & Financial
  3. Erik Superik | Supporting Office


  1. Ir. Taufiq Alimi, MAExpert on SFM certification, conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem, carbon certification, and institutional and personnel capacity building.
  2. Dr. Titiek SetyawatiExpert on SFM certification, carbon certification, bioenergy certification, forest policy, and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem.
  3. Dr. Yetty Rusli | Expert on forestry planning management, forest policy, and forest carbon.
  4. Dr. Agus Setyarso | Expert on SFM and CoC certification, forest policy, institutional and personnel capacity building.
  5. Dr. Teddy RusolonoExpert on SFM and CoC certification, forest policy,and carbon certification.
  6. Dr. Hanafi GucianoExpert on carbon finance, carbon future trading, and carbon market.
  7. Dr. M. Buce SalehExpert on sustainable forest management certification, GIS, and mapping.
  8. Dr. Asep Sugih SuntanaExpert on SFM and CoC certification, carbon and bioenergy, and community development.
  9. Dr. Mia Siscawati |  Expert on Gender analysis and social inclusion
  10. Riska Karina Rosliana, MSi  |  Expert on Gender analysis
  11. Ir. Dwi Rahmad Muhtaman, MAExpert on SFM and CoC certification, HCV, coffee certification, cocoa certification, social impact assessment, community development, and capacity development.
  12. Ir. Hatmoko AriantoExpert on information technology (IT), programming, GIS, MIS, and material routing system with teknologi barcoding.
  13. Ir. Rudi SetyawanExpert on forestry industry management, ISO, and timber product quality.
  14. Dr. Semiarto Aji Purwanto, MAExpert on antropology and sociology
  15. Ir Haryanto R. Putro, MSExpert on ecology, biodiversity, policy, and forest certification
  16. Dr. Prihandoko Sanjatmiko, MA Expert on antropology
  17. Dr. Harnios Arief | Expert on ecology, biodiversity, and forest and oil palm carbon
  18. Ir. Dones Renaldi, MSi  |  Expert on ecology, biodiversity and forest carbon
  19. Dr. Alfan Gunawan Ahmad  |  Expert on silvicultural and forest carbon
  20. Dr. Ahmad Siddik Thoha  |  Expert on environmental services and GIS
  21. Ir. Ahmad Faisal Siregar, MSi  |  Expert on mangrove ecosystem and forest carbon
  22. Drs. Taryanto Wijaya Expert on community development, social impact assessment, and forest certification
  23. Ir. Teguh Suprapto  |  Expert on community development, social impact assessment, and forest certification
  24. Dr. Prijanto PamoengkasExpert on silviculture and biodiversity
  25. Dr. Sunu Pranolo | Expert on chemical engineering
  26. Dr. Dede Hermawan | Expert on wood technology and bioenergy development
  27. Dr. Faroby Falatehan  |  Expert on natural resource economics